Sunday, Mar 19 2pm

WTRCF Meeting & Location: International House of Pancakes

Saturday, Jun 03 9am-7pm

WTRCF Fun Fly Flyin & Full day of flying/competition/trophys/Certficate Awards/Prizes

Saturday, Sept 06 9am-9:30pm

Air Show Extravaganza, Night Flying and Fireworks

Sunday, Sept 07 9am-3pm

Air Show Extravaganzam

Pilot & Driver Info


Register Now! Become a member ofWEST TENNESSEE R/C FLYERSthe largest flying field in Jackson TENNESSEE.


We're inviting fun-loving hobbyists to participate in an action-packed flying experience. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has a chance to share and enjoy our field. Sign up today and become a member by registering.

We have several activities to partake in. If its gassers, electrics, Helis, or quads we have it all. Our field is well groomed with 1 inch grass with wide open areas. Perform stunts, learn from the best. Instruction is available with trainer connections.

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Nothing better than volunteering to do something that will enhance the flying field. Lots of things to do and you can group together and get things done rapidly with the fun of comradery.

You can volunteer to cut the grass periodically or weedeat. We also are in constant need to trimming trees, fertalizing the grass and restoring the drive paths. Contact one of the officers if you would like to participate by volunteering.

Click HERE to volunteer.

For more information, call Don Williams((207) 797-5196) or Harry Wood((731) 307-9504). Membership is enhanced by participating. Volunteer today!

Thank you!

Event Highlights


2PM WTRCF Meeting at the field


8:30AM-7PM Open Field
Official Off-Road Race Practice


8:30AM-7PM Open Field


8:30AM-7PM Open Field


8:30AM-7PM Open Field


8:30AM-7PM Open Field


8:30AM-7PM Open Field

FREE Parking • Large Low Grass Field • Trainers available • Pavilion • Picknick Tables • Plane Carts • Tables

Fun Fly Flyin
• $10 Landing Fee • Drawings • Prizes • Pilots Must have AMA

Meet the Stars of the Show

Don Williams

West Tennessee R/C Flyer President


Currently serving as West Tennessee R/C Flyers President

Don was born in Detroit Michigan but was raised in Milan, TN. He graduated High School in the 70’s and entered the Air Force for 20 years and retired in 91. It was at this time he started flying RC planes regularly. He actually started flying right out of high school but really started progressing after military. He has always had a love of aircraft and built models in his youth. “Always wanted to work on and fly the real ones”. His first plane was a free flight and after that he started into Line Control. With a total of 56 years of flying experience Don is mostly flying giant scale RC gas and electric. His favorite is Gas RC 3D and war birds.

Don stated “Being helpful to others who want to get into the hobby as well as teaching the young and old how to fly and be safe. Flying is all about getting together and having a good time in out sport.”

Harry Woods

West Tennessee R/C Flyer Treasurer.

Harry Woods

Currently serving as West Tennessee R/C Flyers Tresurer

Proficent R/C plane flyer, Harry fly's gas and electric. Harry also serves as the Treasurer of West Tennessee R/C Flyers.

Harry was born and raised in Chicago. Started building 10c commit kets in the 40s. Moved on to building and flying control line in the 50s. After that Harry started building and flying single channel and reeds system in the mid to late 50s. He later moved to proportional in the mid 60s after his military service.

"I like flying all types models. I have won some awards. I still have one 1st place trophy I got back in the 60s for scale."

Roger Abafalter

West Tennessee R/C Flyer Security

Roger Abafalter

Currently serving as West Tennessee R/C Flyers Security

Roger was born in Lansing, Mi and raised in Henderson, TN. He started the R/C flying hobby in the late 80’s with airplanes. Now he’s flying 25% yak and trex 700npro helicopter. Although mainly into helicopters he does fly nitro, and gas airplanes.

When asked about awards achieve he stated "none to speak of but a few crashes lol!"

Christopher Andrew Brown

West Tennessee R/C Flyer Secretary

Christopher Andrew Brown

Currently serving West Tennessee R/C Flyers as Secrtary.

Cris is proficient with small carbon fiber racing quadcopters and has inspired WTRCF to provide investing in this new direction of flying.

Patrick Finney

West Tennessee R/C Flyer Vice President

Patrick Finney

Patrick is currently serving as West Tennessee R/C Flyers Vice President.

Patrick was born in Millington NAS but raised in Tennessee and Georgia. Claims he’s been flying since birth or at least as far back as he can remember. His father brought him into the sport spiking his interest 25 years ago. Patrick enjoys flying Scale planes and currently is flying Military scale glow and gas.

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